This is the place where I'll try to bring the latest news about the development of my latest software project 'Simtor'

08 September 2006

First things first

Due to other work, there is not much time to spend on development of SimTor :-(

But I've worked on getting the showme part to work. In concept the flash engine is able to play a showme from the case.xml file (with captured bitmaps and hotspots defined in it).

Biggest problem at the moment is the difference in behavour of the OnPaint event in python for Linux and Windows. I hope I'll solve this quickly so I can focus on creating example showme's.

23 January 2006

No release yet


I'm still working on the player part. The interactive part is 80 % done. I've not yet started working on the simulation part :-(

There's an onther piece of work that has to be done first. Priority shifting!!

I hope to release within 4 months.

05 October 2005


Work is done on the SimPlayer module. The module is implemented in C# (mono/GTK#) instead of Flash (actionscript). Due to the fact that it is not possible to handle the rightmouse-event in Flash in a way we like. Progress is slow (as C# is new for the developers) but it's worth the effort.

I'm considering changing the Python code of SimTor to C# too, but we'll see ;-)

24 August 2005

Back to work!

New release (0.4.11)!

In this release 2 major bugs fixed.

- Change of course selection resulted in crash
- Adding a feedback type A, with only a description, would not be saved.

15 July 2005


No development for the moment :-)

CU in France ;-)

I'll be back august the 15th.

13 July 2005

Release 0.4.8


  • Publishing licenses include copyright, public domain and the 11 creative common licenses.
  • Thumbnail preview during browsing in capture mode.
  • Extra step information during capturing.